Thursday, December 23, 2010

Malaysian Business Award 2010

Hi dear readers,

My internet connection is problem again. So there is nothing much that I can do.. How are you? Hope that all of you are in the best of health.

Last night I went to the Malaysian Business Award 2010 that was held at Shangri la Dubai. Guess what?! I feel so honored that I got this life time opportunity to attend such a prestigious dinner. We arrived nearly 6.30pm if im not mistaken. It took us almost an hour to reach there from Abu Dhabi. But I guess, Mehran (the driver) drives fast too, that’s why we reach quit fast. Mr. Allan the CEO was not here, so Mr. Phoon is the representative CEO from our company for that night.

The hotel is marvelous!! It is lavish and looks exclusive. All of the attendee was the top level management from various Malaysian Company in UAE. When they meet each other, they will start to exchange their business card. The VVIP for this night is the Minister for Foreign Trade UAE, H.H Sheikha Lubna.

Soon the event started. There are speeches here and there. Soon it is the turn of the VVIP to say few words. I’m speechless.. I thought that she is a he?! I though the minister is a man and actually she is a very simple lady.. And she looks young too. Her speech is the best!! When I say the best I really mean it!! Just want to hear she speaks and speaks.. =)

Then is the award giving. There are various award and winners.. Pembinaan SPK Abu Dhabi won the Malaysian construction of the year (for the UAE)!!! Feel so proud when they announce the company’s name.. =)

Later, it is the time that everyone waiting for!! (Especially me) it is time to eat.. There is a lot of food and I think I had tasted all of it. Not to mention that I eat 3 plates ok.. I don’t care if people are staring at me as I keep on going outside to take more food.. it is buffet style..

Then they have the lucky draw. And the prices are 5 electrical stuff from KHIND and also a return ticket from Dubai to Malaysia sponsored by MAS. SPK teams are not lucky enough as we did not manage to get any of the prizes.

I went to the toilet later and took picture of it… (Nice lor with good smell) owh did I mention that I take pictures with the Minister? I think I am the one that start the crowd of taking pictures with her. At first no one was there taking picture with her. I just went to her and ask if can take picture with her. She is so friendly and simple. Not even a make up and only a simple black cloak. Just love her personality. After I started to take picture with her, people start to do the same. After realizing that the picture taken just now was shaking, I go back again to take another picture.. Does it sound like the real tim?? hehe (for those who know me, they will understand it perfectly)

The only thing that I regret is that I did not tell her how nice her speech was for that night. =) if I said that to her, maybe she will asked me to work with her?? Hehehe.. daydreaming.. LOL

We went home at about 10pm and reach Abu Dhabi at 11pm. Though out the journey, I just sleep… tired eating I guess… =)

P/s: did not know why this entry is a bit too long..

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