Saturday, January 1, 2011


Today is the last day of 2010.. For the first time during my stay in Abu Dhabi I did not go out on Friday (my only day off in a week).. Kak Fat is a bit tired I guess coz last night, after the dinner, we went home quite late..

I really want to explore Abu Dhabi alone with the bus.. But Dear Hubby wont allow me to do such thing.. huhu ..So, I just spend the day laze around in the room.. I Skype with my mom. I Skype with Dear Hubby (of course). Then I slept in the afternoon…

It was soo cold in the room. No wander there are people who died out of coldness.. huhu.. At this moment I just love the Malaysian whether..  it is warm and nice..

The days went off so fast.. I had been stay here for 5 weeks??!! Don’t really feel it.. There is another 15 weeks to go?? Around that figure I guess.. 

Dear Hubby will pay a visit soon.. I’m so excited. Today he is busy buying a few stuff that I had ask him to bring when he come visit.. 

Tomorrow is also holiday.. I really hope that we can go out somewhere.. I got a few things to buy at Ikea.. I think my list of things to buy will never end.. huhu owh did I mention to you I went to the mall last Friday. And there are having a sale. Im more interested on the baby stuff. Their dress is just so cute. Should I buy a few now? Or is it still early? But it is just so cute.. I bet there are also cute baby dresses in Malaysia rite?! Huhu 

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  1. tima, kt m'sia mmg byk baby dress tp kita suggestkn baik awk beli gk kt sana 1-2 dress, sbg kenangan, lgpun msti baby dress kt sana brbeza dgn m'sia kn..msti cantik2! best tu!