Saturday, January 1, 2011

history of tim's journal~

At first, I hate blogging or any thing associate with blogs!! I find it that people don't have anything better to do then blogging.. To write about your life etc2..

Later, I find out about a friend's blog (later to be my Dear Hubby).. It is quit cool. A guy with a blog?! And the content is not that heavy, so I enjoy reading gulagulagetah. I will be waiting for his next post etc. Later I start to read other people's blog.. There are blogs that are too crowded with the design.. too many wordings etc.. there are many type of blogs, it is up to your own interest then.. Sometimes, I just do a quick screening.. =)

Then I took up the subject of E-Commerce. I hate computer stuff and internet etc.. But I learn quit a few things about blogging.. Thanks to Sir Shamsul.. At least i get some input from this subject.. 

When I got the opportunity to do my practical here, I thought this is the good time to start on a blog. I will share my experience with the readers about my experience living in a Middle East country. Not everyone have this opportunity, so by sharing this experience, their mind can also travel and imagine things.. To buy a book it will quit expensive, so by reading a blog is a better choice. This blog can also be a guide for those who are planning to visit this country later on..

Besides, Dear Hubby and also family can read up my daily activites. Sometimes, I don’t have time to Skype with all of my siblings. By blogging, they can feel my present.. (I think this essay is quit long and boring enough.. ok stop now) 

Why in English?
Im not that good in English. But I just try to make like an English essay. Huhu. Besides, I want to improve my English, so I practice and practice. I also want this blog not only for Malaysian, but everyone can read it..

P/s: So, enjoy reading this piece of experience and i welcome any suggestion from you guys!!

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