Tuesday, December 7, 2010

After 2 weeks working..


The day goes by so fast. And without I realize it, I had been staying here for almost 2 weeks. I can already adapt with the culture and also environment. No more complaining, just take the life as it is.

Office life, I get used to it already. Wake up and prepare for work. Work the whole day and go back. Relax little bit and off to bed.

For the whole 2 weeks (about 10 days actually) I try to finish the task given to me – the job description remember?? Finally I manage to finish it up. So happy and relieve. =)

Mr. Allan had asked about the topic of my thesis for the 2nd time. Still not ready with it. But today I had already have an idea. And I going to see him later in the evening.. Please wish me luck k everyone..

I have few friends that I am close to in the office.

Rachel – She is one of the Philippines workers here. She is kind and sweet. She is a year older than I am. She works in the purchasing department. Before this she had an experience of working in the bank for 5 years if im not mistaken. We get along pretty well. But today, she had news that really breaks my heart!! She will be transferred to the other office which is situated in al-falah (about 15 minute drives from here. We are friends for only 2 weeks?? Who are I am going to talk to after this?? =(  

This is life. We meet a new person and the new day we will have to depart with them. But lives have to go on. Good bye Rachel.. All the best k. hope to meet you again next time..

Marvin – He is the office boy in our office. He is kind too. He will clean up the office, mop, sweep etc. normally I only see women or lady doing these stuff. I respect him for what he is doing as not many men are willing to do this job. He is also a Philippines. Sometime we talk and he s a nice boy.

That’s all for now. I have to continue with my work.. Will continue to write later ok.. =)

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