Wednesday, December 8, 2010

wonderful suprise~

hi people!!

guest what??!! i just talk to Mr Allan!! and i didn't know that he is actually so kind and nice person.. really love him. love to talk to him and love to listen to all of his talk, experience and ideas.. (we have a chat about an hour ok)

the moral of the story, do not judge the book by its cover.. the cover might be ugly but inside, it might give wonders to you..

he helped me with my thesis.. and even invited me to the dinner at the embassy this Thursday!!!

P/s : i even told him that his signature is nice and i love to see it.. may be that's why he start to open up.. hehehe


  1. now im jealous wit u. hehehe. congratz dear. loving that u r enjoying every minutes there...

  2. hehehehe.. come here soon k.. can wait 4 d touring part!!!