Wednesday, December 8, 2010

true story in life..

one day in the pantry..

marvin : how old are you?
tim : 26... and you?
marvin : 30 years old..
tim : ooo.. you don't look like 30
marvin : (smile) do you work before?
tim : no, i still studying
marvin : in the university?
tim : ya..
marvin : you study business?
tim : yes
marvin : im a school graduate
tim : (never heard the term before. maybe he is saying that he only go to school)... ooo
marvin : i don't have money to go to college
tim : (my heart really broke when i heard that) oh.. now that you are working you have money and can continue studying..
marvin : im 30 already
tim : age did not mean anything. you should not be shy
marvin : i like hotel management..
tim : oh.. that's nice..

then he just went out of the pantry..

p/s : moral of the story, study hard while you can as not everyone have the opportunity that you have..


  1. hai timah! long time no see..praktikal ni sbhgn dr study awk ye..bape lama kt sana?

  2. hi mur!! aah ni part of kte punye course. kte dok sini 1 semester. akhir bln 4 br blk.. awk best ke sambung study?? thanks jengok blog kte..