Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hi peeps..

How are you today? Hope that all of you are fine.. Im still coughing and my flu is not getting any better. Hmm the medicine is almost finish though.. (Brought from Malaysia maa)

 Today I would like to write about INTEREST.. I believe each one of us has different interest that we hope to achieve or attain.

Some people like to shop for branded item.. They will buy the entire branded things that they like. Sometimes they would save up their salary just to buy all those expensive things. I don’t have any problem with that. At the end, it is their money, rite?

There are also some people that love entertainment such as watching movies at the cinema. They will watch all the movies as soon as it is release. They will go karaoke also perhaps. They will go out to the entertainment outlet with friends just to fulfill their interest.

As for me, I love to travel. I wish I could travel around the world in 80 days.. (Have you watched that movie? It is a Jakie Chan’s famous movie) sometimes, I will cut on my money to buy food so I have enough money to travel around.. I love to see people with different culture, different language, and different places. They are just so wonderful. The miracle creation of Allah..

My mother will get so angry if she read this out. =) but this does not mean I don’t eat. I eat, but try not to eat all those luxury food or at the luxuries restaurant just so that I have more money to travel..

And I finally have a traveling mate, after searching for a long time!! (Will tell you guys later about this traveling mate). We are planning to travel next year. But it is still in the planning process. Will write more when everything is confirm k..

P/s: how about you guys?! What is your interest in life??

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