Friday, December 10, 2010

National day holiday!!!

The national day of U.A.E is on the 2nd of December. The nation gains its independent about 39 years ago. Why we, Malaysia in Abu Dhabi are so happy on this day?? It is coz we got more holidays to travel here and there. The government declares a 3 days for the nation. =)

Aini (my roommate) had plan the itinerary where we are going for theses 3 days. Im so happy that I can follow as im still new here.  So we plan to go to Al-Ain And also Dubai!!!

Day 1   2|12|2010

It is Thursday. Early in the morning we woke up early to pack our things as we are planning to leave by 9am. Nuha (the local staff / friend) will be following us as she will be driver. We, the Malaysian don’t know the way of course. So the 4 of us will travel together. After everything is settling, we start our journey. 

Nuha is a very nice girl. When we ask her how old is she? She said that she is 26 and half. (It is already December, what does she mean by that? I just laugh to myself.. Funny eh..) Then about 10 something we reach Al-Ain. The very 1st place that we go is the Al Ain Museum. Nuha hates Museum!! She told us that is is the 1st time she goes there. She do not find anything amuse in the museum.. The museum is nice though..

Then, our 2nd destination is the Oasis. It is well kept farm with lots of date palm three. We go inside the Oasis with car as there is mainly only the palm three. We snap pictures here and there. 

Later, we went to Al Ain palace Museum. It is the old palace that had been converted into a museum. We can see the tradition of the Emirates here. There are a lot of tourists there too. I though that we might be the only one that goes to the museum. 

Our next destination is to the ZOO!! It is almost 1pm at that time. And it is so hot!! It is 33 degree. This part of UAE is not cold as in Abu Dhabi.. Imagine we walk inside the zoo in the middle of the sun. it is so hot!! There are a lot of people here to. We are celebrating our national days in the museum and zoo??

By this time we are exhausted and hungry. Nuha had brought us to the Iranian restaurant, Leisure. The ambience is so nice there. nuha is so happy coz she got her shisha (I don’t really know how to spell it) but to eat there is quit expensive. I order shisk tawook if im not mistaken. The food can also be found in any of the Arab restaurant in Malaysia like Rawshah..

After eat, we pray and straight to Jabel Hafit. It is a mountain and people normally go there to see the sunset. Guess what? It is a massive traffic jem on our way there. So miss the actual sunset. But the scenery is still so beautiful. The whether is so cold. It is about 15 degree if im not mistaken. It is so hot during the day and extremely cold at night. As result, I get flu in the next morning.. =(
oh.. did i tell you that my camera battery was off when we are at Jabel Hafit!!! and i did not bring the charges. im so sad at that time. there is nothing else that i can do.. waa.. next time must learn from this mistake..

We plan to spend our night in Dubai. So after visiting Jabel Hafit, we went straight to Dubai. We reach Dubai at about 9pm. We try to look for hotel at the area of AL-Karama. Finally we got a family room that cost Dhs 300 per person for 2 nights. I guess it is almost the cheapest rate there. We did a mistake by not book the room earlier as it is a holiday, all of the hotels are full. 

After check in, we went out to an open concept restaurant just to hang out. Nuha with her shisha again.. As for kak fat, aini and me, we just sit there wait for Nuha as the food are expensive. 

Around 12am we reach the hotel and off to bed..

P/s: can you imagine how tired are all of us??

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