Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I hate it when....

  1. It is winter and the hot water is not working properly, it is so cold to make Wudu to pray.
  2. It is winter and they still switch on the air conditioner.. It is damn cold!!!
  3. I watch “Yusuf Al-Sadiq” and I did not understand a word that they are talking about.. (The maid has to be my translator. Even an Indonesian can pick up that language)
  4. There are so many places I wanted to visit or look around but either there is not enough time or my feet and body can hardly move any more.
  5. There is so many winter coat on sale but I have to save up my money rather than spend for all those coat.. (Malaysia is a very hot country, I have to keep that in mind)
  6. I have to spend Dhs30 and above just for a meal!!!
  7. I have no one to discuss with when I have problem in doing my Project Paper..
  8. I want to Skype and no one is online…
  9. Dear Hubby sometimes is too jealous when he find out I email with someone opposite gender quit often..
  10. Dear Hubby have to go somewhere and there is no connection which mean we cant YM and we can only communicate through SMS..(It is quit expensive)

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