Thursday, December 30, 2010

I really love it when...

  1. It is Friday!! My only day off in a week..
  2. We are going outing on Friday. Either to the mall or go to any event held in the country
  3. I can Skype with my mom once a week!!
  4. I can practice my Arabic and my Urdu too
  5. There is a party as the food is free and I can eat as much as I want!!
  6. I go for a hot shower either at night or in the morning!! The feeling is just so great!!
  7. I go to bed at night!!  The whether is cold and it is lovely…
  8. I got a mushy2 SMS from dear hubby… huhu Just love it!!
  9. I got a reply from my advisor on how to do my project Paper..
  10. There are things that I like in the mall and they are having a crazy2 sale!! Like 90% sale?! Huhu being greedy enough!!