Wednesday, December 15, 2010

nomination by Matrade

Hi dear reader..

Im sorry coz I had not been writing for quit sometimes.  There are a lot that I would like to share with all of you but Im not in the mood of writing. Hehe..

Hmm today, my boss (you-know-who) is not around. He already went back to Malaysia for the Christmas holiday I guess.. From what I observe, all of the employee are on holiday too.. People are so relax, the working environment is just not there. Hehehe I didn’t know that if our boss are on holiday, we will also follow him.. As for me, im enjoying the moment too. When the boss is in the office, I will be stress as he will keep on asking bout my project paper. When he is not around, no one is bothering me now..

Guess what readers!!! I just find out that there will be an award night here. Organize by the Matrade in UAE (Malaysian trade organization if im not mistaken). Our company, SPK Abu Dhabi, is being nominated as the best construction Company of the Year in the UAE. But it is only the nomination. The winner will be announced on the 22/12. The big boss said that we do have the chance to will.

So, everyone, if you think that we should win, please cast you vote ok.. (Just kidding!! =)
If this company win, I will try to list down what is the success factor in operating business abroad k..

Will continue to blog later.. Adios amigos..

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