Saturday, January 1, 2011

wonderful suprise.. part 2

this morning, when I went downstairs to do my laundry, I found out that the maid is doing something that amused me.. lets check it out...
she make a small2 dough from the flour, water and egg.. then she use a machine to stretch the dough...
then she increase the no on the machine to make more fine stretch..
then the machine cut the stretch dough into a mi or noodle or something like spaghetti!!!!
wonderful is it??!!
this is the magical machine!!
dip it into a boiling hot water mixed with little bit of oil..
the noodle is ready!!! Im totally amused on the last morning of 2010!!!!


  1. wow. seronoknye, buat noodle sendirik je. pasni tim ley la blaja wat ye. hehehe :D

  2. huhu.. blaja boleh la.. tp nk wat sendiri tu kne pk 5 6 kali... huhu penyakit M tu besar sgt la..

  3. aah.. guna tepung n ltk pewarna..