Saturday, January 1, 2011

Year End Staff Dinner Party 2010..

at first they arrange the tables this way but they change it after wards..
the gifts.. actually all of the staff will get this.. huhu
Reem, our receptionist.. "don't take my picture" she can sing pretty nice!!
one of the caterer's van..
the passenger of the company.. huhu
some of us with Mr Allan..
with the CEO and Michelle, the secretary
line up for registration AKA lucky draw..
the guess.. only 20% are ladies or is it 10%???
beryani.. 1st plate..
nasi lemak.. im a bit late, only this left.. sob2..
nasi impit.. not really nice.. huhu
desert.. how many plate all together??! hmm
yellow theme.. the most excited..
games... LOL
Mr Allan with the sponsor of our company... Mr Ali Al Hasyimi if im not mistaken..
us, the blue theme AKA the administrator section..
the scandal of the company.. i know there is something mushy2 going on here..

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