Wednesday, January 19, 2011


While walking down the street, we saw this cute chocolate shop.. so we divided to check what is inside it.. The arrangement and layout of the shop is so cute and pretty.. But the price is as expensive as you can imagine..

 this is the few picture that we manage to snap before the manager come and stop us from taking the pics..

 me, in front of the shop.. we bought some chocolate from the shop BTW..

 the beg and the box are just so cute isn't it??

these 5 pieces cost us about Dhs17.50..


  1. hehehe.. kt Malaysia pon sure ade chocolate boutique yg best2.. try la beli 1 or 2 piece... =)

  2. mahal nya.. nasib baik aida is not a big fan of chocolate..

  3. kakak pon not a big fan of choc. tp saje la sbb mmg sedap choc ni... =)