Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mini ice cream!!!!

I had been eying on this shop every time I walked in the mall.. but it is quit expensive if I buy it just for myself.. So, when dear hubby is around, I brought him here, we buy a small cup and we had a great time eating it bit by bit.. =) the small cup cost us Dhs8..

 mini ice cream in marina Mall.. the kiosk is also cute.. I wonder if they put the real ice cream in the jar.. will it melt??

 we choose the mix mini ice cream.. it is so tempting and colorfull!!

eat it bit by bit.. the taste is great... =)


  1. funny.. apsal makan sikit2.. ice cream ke kecik2 tu? mcm tak pernah nmpk..

  2. aah.. kak pon nmpk 1st time.. mesti la mkn skit2 sedap sgt la...