Wednesday, January 19, 2011

lunch at mina port..

Last Saturday we when to Mina port. We had a great time just walk and strolling by the port.. There are quit a number of restaurant here. We later choose to eat at Mina Modern kitchen & restaurant.. We made a right decision.. the restaurant is clean and cozy and the food is great too..
the outer part of the restaurant..

 at first we sit here.. i wonder where are all of the customer as the shop are so empty.. there only 2 of us sitting at this area..

 later, I found out this section and we too sit here to have our lunch.. there are also the third section for the family but I totally forgot to take the pictures..

 we sit at this are..

we only order dish for 1 person but the food that they send is for 6 person.. this food last me about 3 day to finish it.. the cost of the dish is Dhs26.. but I would recommend this shop for who is planning to eat at Mina port!! the food is nice and the price is reasonable.. =)


  1. best nye.. nanti aida pun nak pegi sini la

  2. aida mne ni?? aida hassan kah??

  3. yelah tu... nak ikut jgk..