Wednesday, January 19, 2011

fish market at mina port..

This is the famous and cheap fish market in Abu Dhabi.. it is located at Mina port.. Lets check it out all of the pics.. =)

the front part of the market..

 the fish monger are all male with blue t shirt.. there is no women selling fish here in the market.. here, we are charge Dhs10 if we would like them to cut the fish for us.. as you can see this market is very clean and have air condition..

 something like dry fish and dry shrimp..

 there are few shop where we can ask them to grill or cook the fish that we had just bought..

 more grill shop.. i think we first have to buy the fish then bring it here for them to grill for us..

 then we saw this man with his coconut.. 1 coconut cost us Dhs10.. at this time, I feel like i want to pick up all the coconut that the customer did not eat the inside part and ask him to cut it for me... heheh

 the inside part is so sweet n soft... =)


  1. wow! bersihnya pasar. does the cleanliness comes out of discipline & attitude?
    oh malaysia ku.. T___T

  2. heheehhe.. sgt bersih n ade aircond tau!!!