Tuesday, February 1, 2011

laziness + boredom..

Hi peeps..

How are you? It is the Chinese New Year atmosphere back in Malaysia.. But here, it is just like any other days in the year. Owh I would say that I envy them that they are getting lots of holidays!! Owh whatever..

I’m a bit bored now as kak fat and the big boss is not around. So there is no one to check on me, what I’m doing etc.. I should ask kak fazimah what to do, but I’m a bit lazy to do so.. Just wandering around through the net and eat something in mean while.. hehehehe

I had completed the proposal, so I’m waiting for the reply from my advisor in case if I need to make any correction wherever necessary. What sould I do now???!!! Any suggestion??


  1. Tim, kte tak dapat notification la kalau awk dah balas komen. Selalunya kalau ada orang balas komen kat blog dia, kte akan dapat emel. Apa kata, awak cek setting. Hehe. Bukan apa, kadang2 tak tahu bila awak da balas komen tu. Huhu...

  2. sori la tk reti la.. tk tau ape yg kurang.. tk pe nnt kte try tgk k... =(

  3. ok, takpe. sebab kte tak taw bila masa tim bls komen kte. kdg2 kte lupa kte penah komen post yg mana satu. hehe. nanti free godek2 la setting tu. hehe.

  4. ok.. akan diurus kan.. thanks 4 komen yg membina... =)