Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bride Show - Abu Dhabi 2011

There will be a bride show in ADNEC from 2/2 to 5/2/2011.. I would really love to go.. Although Im married, but it is nice to just look around and do some mingling.. kak fat is not around as she had already went bact to Malaysia.. there is no one to go with me.. Mr Husband will not allow me if I go alone.. help me someone.. I really want to go there.. =(

the picture taken from the net.. last year's pic I guess..

will they do the make up for the visitors?? hehe what a wish!!

this is the dais.. so fresh looking for a dais rite?!

the visitors I guess..

the bride show..

the choices of gifts for the guest..

she look nice in black.. I've should have made my wedding dress here in Abu Dhabi..

this can be worn for only ladies wedding..

p/s: for those who is staying in Abu Dhabi (and reading this blog) and would like to go here, please take me with... please...


  1. tp tk pegi pon... tk de teman.. =( ni amk gamba dr website je konon2 mcm pegi..

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