Tuesday, February 15, 2011

AD captain ball's team..

Today i would like to write about my captain ball team.. below is the picture of my team.. sited on the left is kak ita.. she is 30++, has 4/ 5 son, wife of a pilot and a housewife. Then, it is kak ira.. she is also 30++, working in SPK and has 2 daughters. Next to her is the wife of Malaysian Ambassador to UAE, Datin so and so.. cant remember her name. then it is Kak sandra, the ex stewardess, also the wife of the pilot, housewife, 40++ and has 2 grown up son.. Then it is kak intan, ex state player for netball, 30++, has 4 children, a housewife and also the wife of a pilot.  

Then the back row is aini, my roommate. then, it is kak fazimah, 30++, got 2 children, working in SPK. then it is me. Next to me is kak fiza, another wife of the pilot, 28 and a mother of 2 adorable kids and she is a housewife too. finally is kak shina, another wife of the pilot, 30++ and ex stewardess..

Whatever our background is, we manage to work as a team and win the game..thanks you guys for this wonderful experience. I'm the youngest in the team, but let me tell you, the oldest in the team (age 40++) is more active then i am.. hehehe

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