Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mdm Lela's student..

I'm a bit lazy to update my blog lately. this is bcoz, i encounter two quit major problem recently.. first, our washing machine had to been sent to the shop as it is leaking. we don't have it for a week!! Owh, i did not know that i cant survive without the washing machine.. owh whatever.. the second problem is that my drawer get stuck for almost two weeks already and i cant get my things from inside it.. stress... Btw, had a short photo-shoot recently at the bread shop in front of the office..

this is Madam Lela's student.. right now, she is doing her practical in one of the company. she dont have anything better to do then pose in front of the camera (although i can say that she is not that photogenic..) 

practical time is to work or just taking pictures here and there???

she loves to eat.. especially if the food is for free.. but i wonder why she is so skinny like a walking stick.. maybe there is a lot of worm in her stomach i guess.. in the picture, she is holding the macaroon which she get it for free in the bread shop but she don't really enjoy it..

i think she should put more colors on her..