Thursday, February 3, 2011

new friend..

I have just made a new friend.. I find out bout her in the net.. (modern way to find a friend.. heheheh) We are just getting to know each other.. and from my observation, she is a nice girl and humble too I guess. Hope that this friendship will be a long lasting one.. Everyone, please meet my new friend.. Ili Syazwani.. =)

She with her siblings on her engagement day.. She just like Orked (in Jasmin Ahmad's film) in a real life or should I say more like Sharifah Amani and her siblings.. BTW, Ili, you and your siblings are just so cute.. =)


  1. Yasmin Ahmad la awak...hehe...

  2. aah la.. silap la pulak.. mcm mane ni, kate minat tp silap taip.. hehehe