Wednesday, February 9, 2011

dreams + wishes

What should I do after I completed my degree? This is really a hard and difficult question to answer. It is not because I don’t have anything to do, but it is because I have so many things in my mind and I cant really make up my mind on what should I choose.. Now let me list down all of the stuff that I had been thinking lately..

      1. First of all, I don’t like to work in a office. It is just not me.. I hate it!! Just sit in front of the computer for the whole day will definitely spoil my eyes as I had already wear glasses. I just don’t want to make it worst.. kak fat had been asking me to try to work in SPK, Kuala Lumpur branch. But since I don’t really like to work in the office, so I don’t really think about this one.
      2. I love to teach. I love books and I love children. Since I’m 11 years old, my dream is to be a good teacher.. =).. Should I be a primary school teacher?

      3. Some times, I think I would love to be a kindergarten teacher. This is because I love kids and I would love to teach them manners and how to behave well. Why I want to be a kindergarten school teacher? I just read up recently that the kids learning process is very important during their first few years of their life. If I become one, I can also teach my kids the same way.. What they learn in their early year are very important and will create up their personality later on in life. So I really don’t wish to send my kids to the nursery or even worst if the maid is looking after them.. Should I work as a kindergarten now? Later take up the course and open my own kindergarten?

      4. Maybe I should continue my studies, taking up master degree and be a lecturer? 

      5. Another thing, I love weddings! And I love every single thing associate with it. I can really do a proper research if had a task to do so. Owh my family know me well too. since small, I would love to go to the weddings and will start to observe things.. But I know my wedding is not that perfect but I will learn from mistake and are more willing to learn from time to time.. Some time I will love to help out on my friends wedding and when I’m confident enough, I want to open my own consultancy.

      6. Since I’m taking up International business, there are times when I think I want to open up a frozen food business internationally. You see, my mother have been selling the home food curry puff, samosas and pies before. Although it is quit expensive, but once you have a bit, you will know where your money goes to. And most or should I say all of her clients are the Datins, so they can afford to buy it. When I told my mom that I want to commercialize her business, she said that it is a good idea but there are a lot of thins need to be done as it is not easy to set up a business. Plus, she also told me not to worry bout the client or customer as the demand are already there.. hmm l should really think bout this seriously..

      7. Or maybe I should work with my father as he also own his own business. What I like bout this is, it is not consider as working in the office for the whole day. My father will surely pay me well rite? (hehehe.. I wish!!) the industry that he is up to is a very promising one and if I do well, he might as me to look after it later on.. but the only thing is, he can stand slow people working with him and I am considered slow to him compared to my siblings.. im a bit soft and will end up crying when he scolded me..

      8. Actually, I really wish to be a housewife and look after the house and matters related to it. But I can only be one if Mr. Husband can find a better job with better payment so that we don’t have to worry bout the house hold income.

Now you can see all these option that I had been thinking while in here doing practical in Abu Dhabi. It is not so easy to make any decision right now. It is because I’m married, and before any decision in being made, I have to think bout the consequence of my decision. How it will affect my family and my kids later on..

 p/s: Did I tell you guys that we are busy looking for a house rite now?

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