Thursday, March 31, 2011

another 2 weeks to go!!

Hi people.. 

How are you? I’m so sorry for not updating this blog for quit sometimes. Did you miss me? Heeheheh I’m just kidding. This week will be my 18th week in Abu Dhabi. Soon I’m going to finish my 20 weeks practical here. 

Thanks Allah for giving me this opportunity. I’m so happy to be here, but at the same time, I do miss home badly. Since this occasion will be rare chances that I get in life, I manage to survive and try my best to enjoy each moment of my stay here. =)

About my working experience in the company, I learn a bit about the working life, or should I say I’ve learn a lot. As Kak Fat always willing to share with me her experiences as the HRA manager and as someone who had been in the working environment for almost 30 years. Thanks Kak Fat for sharing it with me. 

I’ve got a lot of new friends too. All of them from different background and races. I’m surely going to miss all of them. They talk to me and make me laugh when I have no one here. Thanks Reim, Roba, Kak Ira, Chia, Prakash, Marvin etc for making this period sure a memorable one.

I had been going to 9 Aerobic classes so far. And I still have another 4 classes to go before I go back. I just love the class and the beautiful teacher too. Thanks Rania for always correcting my step and being so kind to me. I had a few friends too. They always ask me, why I still go to the class although I’m skinny enough. My answer was: yes I’m thin but I’m not that fit plus, I don’t have a muscle at my stomach?! Hmm

My thesis’s progress?! Hmm, nothing much that I can comment. But it is progressing and I can just pray and hope for the best. I just hope to finish on time and don’t have to repeat the semester in future.

What did you do in your spare time? As for me, now I’m enjoying watching the Korean drama. I had a great time watching those dramas. So that I don’t worry too much and feeling more relaxes after such a stressful day in the office. Am I stressed at the office?? Hehehe.. no comment.

I had been busy preparing for my next trip to Europe. My 4th honeymoon to be exact. I cant wait to spend time alone with dear husband after 8 month of our marriage. 

I’m going to the Spring Show 2011 tonight at ADNEC. Can really wait for it, plus, there will be something like a shopping festival I guess. (Why do I love shopping so much??)

My weekend will start from tomorrow. What are you planning for your weekend dear friends?? Do share with me ok =)

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