Thursday, March 31, 2011

first meeting~

Let’s continue about the first meeting I had with that Mr. Someone. It you had misses the first part, please click here. So we decided to meet up when I go back for the short weekend. I cant remember the exact date. But it is somewhere around the end of January 2009. And I remember clearly that it was on Friday.(And he even take up a holiday on that day)

Before I go on that very first date, I had made a quit long check list of what I should do before meeting him up. I would like to be perfect on that day. We had decided to meet up at KLCC. And I had to bring my younger sister with me. We took the LRT as I had no confidence to drive there. (Of course I’m so excited to meet him after a month we had been SMS-ing each other)

We reach there at about 10am. He was still not there at that time so, my sister and I decided to go to the Cold Storage to get something.. I cant remember what we are looking for.. Was it the lip balm?? So when we are paying at the counter, he told me that he was already there. My heart was trembling so fast at that time. =)

He comes to meet us in front of the cold storage. That was our first official meeting. After meeting him, I’m speechless. My sister was like, is this your friend?? I was like, keep quite and just walk ok. We did not talked much and I think he was acting like cool and as if nothing is happening, but inside him, I know that he was nervous too. I did not know where we should be heading to. Finally, we went to Kinokuniya. Inside the bookstore also we did not know what to do. He just disappear and I pretending looking for my text book. (Later, he told me that I’m the one that keep on disappearing.. And I did not know where is my sister too.. She must be regretting had to follow me out that day)

Later, we had our lunch at Nandos. There is something embarrassing happen here. He told us to not feeling shy and orders what we would like to eat. And my sister had order a plate of the chicken meal and a bowl of soup. At that time, I feel totally embarrassed and regret bringing her along with me. I know that he had told us to order what we like, but this kid had to make as if she is so hungry at that time. Hmm.. and I cant really eat my meal because he was sitting in front of me and I feel a bit odd. 

After we had finish eating, he had gone to the mosque for the Friday prayer. Again, we had a miscommunication here. He thought that we are going out for the whole day and for me, I thought that we just meet up until he went of to pray. Sure he just wants to spend more time with me huh? Don’t you think so?? Then after the prayer, we walk a little bit more and soon say goodbye to each other. (Actually my sister is a bit worried in case we meet up with our father. Of course he will not be so happy if he has to find it out) 

what a boring outing rite?? but i really love our second outing!! would you like to know what happen next??


  1. i cant really eat my meal because he was sitting in front of me and I feel a bit odd???

    abes jek tgk ari tu. hehehe.

  2. tk baik membazir.. dh org belanje kn..