Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mr right??!!

Hi readers!!

(Had been keeping this entry long enough in my in-box) Hope that you are fine and enjoying your weekend. I'm working by the way as the weekend over here is only on Friday. I'm used to it already, so it is fine. Today I would like to write about a chapter in my life that I will always cherish: how did I meet with Mr. Zack.. The story began like this..

My friend (a very good friend of mine, Cak) told me that she want to introduce me with one of her friend. At first I was reluctant as I don’t find a need to know her friend. As she keeps on asking, I just said: ok, whatever. And she gave my phone number and also my picture (I only find out that she had given my pictures too, later on) to that Mr. someone. Ok fine.

Than, after quit sometimes, I got a SMS from a stranger who forget to introduce his name. He must be so eager to befriend that Ms. Someone until he forgot to put his name right?! It was on the 26th December 2008 if I’m not mistaken. I did not reply his message that night as Im busy packing for the family trip the next day.

Then the next morning, I replied his message and we become friends officially. At that time, I was still studying in Kelantan (the other part of Malaysia) and he was working in Putrajaya. I enjoy being his friend as he is funny sometimes and also a bit of gentlemen type. We SMS alot and the distance is not a problem for us. At this time, we had not met each other yet.

Then, one night, after a week SMS-ing each other, he called me. I was so nervous at that time and I'm shaking while talking to him. Then, start from that night, he always called me at bout 8pm. And we chat bout what I learn in class and he will tell me more bout his working life..

his first picture that I receive..

Before I decide to be more serious with him, I had ask Cak what type of men he is?? I had also ask bout his picture too as I did not know with who I'm SMS-ing with. Then, after a month, I'm going to my hometown for a weekend. He ask if we can meet up for a while during my short holiday.. Want to know what happen next?! Stay tuned ok =)

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