Monday, March 21, 2011

happy mothers day to all mom!!

The celebration of Mother's Day in UAE fall on 21st of March which is today!! i dont have any idea why the celebration is not on the same day as in Malaysia. Last friday we went to the Cinnabon and they are having this contest bout Mother's Day..

 But my mother is not in Malaysia. She is out of the country somewhere with my dad.. Umi, happy Mother's Day!! Just want you to know that I love u so much!! and nothing can ever change that!! (although im married now, but u will forever be my no 1) hehehe

these bun look so tempting rite?! mom, im going to treat you at some special place.. what do you want to eat??!! readers, any idea for special place to treat our mommies??


  1. mom, sometimes they hate to admit it, but i think they love going to spa, well, for free hhehe

  2. heehehe.. that right!! mayb i sh. take her to the spa one fine day... Thanks 4 ur review by the way =)