Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Arabian Wedding..

This entry is a continuation of the previous one. How does a Arab wedding look alike?! Continue reading and I will tell you all bout it.. =)

The haflah (party) that we attended that day was special for the ladies only. The haflah (party) for the man was made on the earlier day. The wedding was supposed to start at 7pm. It was held at one of the hall in Abu Dhabi. It was just a small and closed hall. After asking around bout the direction, we soon drove to the wedding hall. We arrived straight on time. It was in the middle of the busy town. After driving bout 5 round looking for the parking space, we soon found a parking place. Thank God!! 

Up we go to the 9th floor (if I’m not mistaken). Soon we arrived at the haflah. While greeting at the door, we ask whether we are at the correct haflah or not. You can already guess what is happening right?? We are at the wrong haflah. The wedding that we are attending is on the other floor. Let me remind you, we did not receive any card and there was no sign that indicate whose wedding too. So how are we supposed to know whose wedding is here and whose wedding are there? hmm..

Remember that we arrived on time? We were already there by 7pm. When we go inside the hall, the bride is having the studio type of photo shoot with the bridegroom. There is no one except for the photographer, her assistant, the bride’s mother etc. The photographer was an Indian aunty. There were 4 tables and a small hall at the wedding hall. They are taking picture in that small hall. We sat at one of the table. Our Malaysian group consisted of 7 people. I guess we were just too punctual. The photo shoot only completed at 8pm. By that time, other people start coming. We just sat at our table waited for the food to be serve.. =)

The friends and relatives come to the wedding with their gorgeous abaya. As soon as they were inside the hall, they open their abaya, and reveal all of their stunning red-carpet-dress. At this time, I’m trying to figure out whether I’m at a wedding or the fashion show!! I can’t wait for each of them to open their abaya and see what they are wearing underneath. All of them are wearing nice dress. I’m serious bout this!!! Dresses that come in different design colors and beading. I’m feeling like I was at the Oscar Award red carpet. They open all their scarves of course. And their hair is all done at the salon. 

Then, the next agenda was dancing in this happy occasion. Of course we were looking and starring at them dancing. The ways they are dancing are just so different. It was not the English way, not the Indian way, not the Malaysian way of course. It is the Arab way. They put on the Arab song too. It was 9pm at that time. We were still sited at our place waiting for the food to be served. At about 9.30pm, they put back their abaya. We are wondering what is happening. Then we realize that the groom, his father, her father and her brother are going to enter the hall for the ceremony of putting the jewelry set on the bride. It is a custom that the groom has to give a set of jewelry to the bride. Then he starts to put the ring, necklace, earrings and a bangle. Soon it is the photograph session. Then, the men went out and they start to dance again.

It is already 10pm at this time. We are so tired waiting for the food. So, we decided to go back as we think that it was just too late already. Then we go to see the bride’s mother and thank her for inviting us there. Luckily she stops us and forces us to have dinner first. We were the first one in the buffet line to get the food. I eat a lot as normal bcoz I’m dam hungry at that time. After we done eating, we go back..

I will never forget this Arab party which we had to wait for almost 3 hours to be served. Im not complaining. It was really a new experience for us. First lesson, we must eat at home first before going to the Arab party as they might serve the food late. Second, sleep during the day so that we had more strength to stay up long at night. Third, wear a long dress or an abaya is still accepted and high heel too… =)

p/s : While they were dancing, I would love to take a video out of it. But they told us politely not pictures are allowed. Maybe bcoz they are all wearing the exposed dress. Only their closed relative is allowed to take pictures and video while they are dancing. But besides than the dancing part, you are allow taking pictures. 

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