Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a love story in Abu Dhabi..

Last Friday I attended my local friend’s wedding. I counted myself as lucky bcoz I managed to attend this wedding even though I just stay here for a short period. I’m so happy when I got that invitation. Let me tell you a bit bout this friend of mine.

I got to know her on the 1st week of my staying in Abu Dhabi. She is the health officer in my office. (She is originally a Syrian). She is a very nice girl. I like her as soon as I was introduced to her. We were having the National Day holiday on that 1st week of my arrival (December 2010). We want to go to Al Ain and don’t really know the way there, so we invited her to be our driver. We really enjoy our time during the short holiday. One thing that I will never forget bout her is that she loves shisha alots!!! 

From her story, I got to know that she is in love with this Palestinian boy. But her mother is not very keen bout this relationship as she want a local boy (emirates) to be her son-in-law. So the relationship goes and off without the ending story I guess. 

Soon I heard that they broke off. Sad huh?! Then, one of sudden, (early March if I’m not mistaken) I heard that she is going to engaged with this Dr. Dr. who?! After asking around, this is the story how they meet and know each other. She is quit chubby, one day, she decided to see the Dr. to ask on how to diet the proper way.  On the 2nd meeting, he suddenly proposed her. And she was so shock, of course. When he was asked on the reason how he can think to marry her just on their 2nd meeting, his answer was: I can see through her eyes that she is going to be a good mother for my kids. (This is how I know the stories. Forgive me if I’m wrong in relating it) Soon the families meet up. After few weeks, I heard that she is going to have a small engagement party. 

And guess what?! A day before the party, I heard that she is married!!! All of us were shock!! Maybe it is already written for her like that. Who are us to question bout all of this right?! But for sure, all of us are so happy for her. We are so happy to attend our first Arab wedding. Continue reading ok guys!! There will be the 2nd part of this episode.

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