Tuesday, April 12, 2011

another farewell story..

At my office, when they ask me when I'm going back to Malaysia, I will tell them that I'm going back in May. Its true that my flight back to Malaysia will be on the 8th of May. But little that they know this coming Thursday will be my last day as a practical student in Abu Dhabi. I don't want them to know because they will for sure arrange a farewell party or things like that.. But today they find out bout my secret. Some of them are quit sad actually. and i also overheard about that farewell party which i hate about. ok.. whatever..

Btw, this one I receive from Marvin, my friend. Do you still remember in this entry?? 
"we will miss you because you are my frend sister family here in abu dhabi always take care...dont forget me if you someday you are 1 big boss,im willing to work for you if someday your big boss ok."


  1. =( fwens like our famly..sedey lak..

  2. betol tu.. sedih jugak la kn time nk berpisah ni lps dh kenal2 kn... =(