Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 1 - London (part 1)

We had been planning to travel for quit sometimes. about 4 or 5 months ago if im not mistaken. we had been doing almost all of the booking online and i can say most of the booking is being done by Mr Husband as Dear Wife was quit lazy to do so. hehehe

My flight from Abu Dhabi was early in the morning. I decided to travel with British Airways from Abu Dhabi as it offer a cheaper fare compare to the other airlines. It took me about 7 hours to reach Heathrow airport, United Kingdom. All of the passengers are basically going to Texas, USA. And they are transiting in UK and will continue the remaining 7 hours journey to Texas. It was a full flight. 

At first i thought that i am going to have the sit by my self. but just before the plane boarded, there was this man who come and sit next to me. He was a nice men and we talk quit a lot. I had a wonderful experience sitting next to him throughout the journey.
He was originally from Texas and had travel to Abu Dhabi on the work basis. He was so excited when he come to know that i was born in Texas too. And the fact that im a Malaysian and we were both born in the same place and we meet each other in Abu Dhabi. It's funny right??? He even suggested that i should try to apply for the US passport. Furthermore, he told me, that basically im already an American bcoz i was born there. I promise him that i will try to do that when i come back to Malaysia.

He was working for this wireless communication and get the chance to travel alot. he was 40++ but did not look like his age at all. he's married with 2 kids. I really enjoy his company throughout the journey.

Besides talking to him, i also watch 2 movies if im not mistaken. And i spend the rest of the time sleeping. I still cant believe that im actually traveling to London. It is just like a dream..

After the long hours in the flight, finally i reach Heathrow airport. It was quit cold, luckily i had bring with me a jacket. then i went to the arrival counter to stamp my passport. i was quit nervous as i was alone and being a Muslim, sometimes people might have a different perspective on us. but every thing went of smoothly and i did not encounter any problem.

The first thing that i was surprised about was the toilet. When i was in the toilet, i realize that this is so Europe as they do not have the pipe or water to wash up in the toilet. Being in a Muslim country, both Malaysia and Abu Dhabi have the water facility in the toilet. i did bring a bottle with me, so i fill it up with water and use for wash up.

Mr Husband is flying all the way from Malaysia and landed at Stansted airpot, United Kingdom. the other airport in UK. He took the cheaper flight which is known as Airasia. It took him approximately 12 hours to reach UK. I cant imagine if i were in his place!!!  everything went well for him too. He reach Stansted at about 10pm and decided to catch the first train to Heathrow airport to fetch me up. 

So, the next morning, he arrived at Heathrow airport just as the same time i landed at the airport. it was not difficult for us to meet each other. now as i am with him, im no more worries like before. =)
we spend some time to exchange stories and experiences. we have a lot to tell each other as we were separated  for about 4 months over. it was about 7am, so it is still early and nothing much that we can do. plus, the weather outside is cold therefore, we just lazed around in the airport.

I guess that's all for now, i will continue later on ok..

Lesson of the day:
1. If you decided to travel, you have to do a proper research on the place that you are going. do a research on the weather, currency, airlines, mode of transportation, food, accommodation few months before you get there. try to book online as you will get a cheaper price by booking online.

2. If you are comfortable to use water instead of the tissue, please bring your own bottle whenever you go to the toilet in Europe Countries.


  1. Awesome blog! I enjoyed reading it, Terima Kasih!

    p/s:I randomly found ur blog..and then notice yang awak ni gadis Melayu rupenye..first I thought you're minah Arab laa :D BTW,saya ni anok Ganu but spend my lifetime dekat Saudi. nice to meet you.=]

  2. hi.. thanks for reading this humble blog.. hehehe awk kerje ke kat saudi?? mcm best je.. tell me more bout yourself.. mcm best je!!