Thursday, September 20, 2012

food intake during pregnancy~

Today I’m going to write about my food intake during pregnancy. This is based on my personal experience and through the little research that I had been doing. It might not be the best diet but this is what I’ve been doing and I would like to keep it here as for my reference in future. 

In the early month of my pregnancy, I don’t really watch out what I eat. i just eat like before I’m pregnant. (Because there were no bump yet, so I keep on forgetting that I’m pregnant) During breakfast, I would eat cereal, had bread later on. As for lunch, I’ll have rice with some meat and for dinner it will be some bread or eating outside. (If I’m to tired to cook.. with all of the hormones, I bet u would understand the feeling) Then when the constipation struck me, I really thought that I had to change my diet. Getting constipation during pregnancy is really not fun.

So, now, during breakfast, I would blend some carrot to make carrot juice. Sometimes I would be thinking to myself, from where did I get the courage to go and blend some vegetables/ fruits early in the morning.. Anyway, after that I would have some fruits to start of my day. Be it guava, kiwi, mango, banana, papaya etc I will try to variety it. Then, here comes the oatmeal or cereal or even bread with some egg. (Do I sound like a health freak?!) Poor Mr. Husband, he has no way to escape this regime.

As for lunch, I will eat some rice (very little) or pasta of even sandwiches with a big bowl of homemade salad. I do eat some fruits before lunch too. People usually ask me how I managed to be so slim during my pregnancy. I don’t have any secrets, besides, I do eat a lot. (I do eat junk too) Maybe this post can answer their inquiries.. Will they ever read it? But they don’t really know that I had gain nearly 15kg during my pregnancy. With the baby weight only 1.8kg, I wonder were all the fat goes on.

Then comes dinner, we hardly eat rice for dinner. Sometimes I would make sandwiches (again), sometimes we’ll have oatmeal, and we do go out most of the time too. (To fulfill all of this crazy woman’s craving over food!!) You see, I just love to watch the TV show that featuring all the eateries in the town. I would be ready with a pen and a notebook to jot down the eating places. Then, if there were any free time, off we went to these places. (But don’t worry, we hardly had any free time.. I don’t know why, but we seem to be so occupied nowadays..) I don’t think this is called craving but more to passion over food!! 

I love the coconut drinks too. During my last trimester, I had it like once a week. Luckily it’s quit easy to get this drink here. I really enjoy my coconut drink session. Owh besides that, I had been drinking the orange juice too. My doctor had been asking me to take my medication with the orange juice. So basically I will drink the juice daily. 

Besides that, I also eat prune as it would make you go to toilet easily. Drink a lot of water; this is the difficult part for me. Sometimes I would drink a lot and sometimes I would be just too lazy. As for milk intake, I do have Anmum before I go to bed. Sometime I would have Hi-Goat milk too. I’ll snack on fruits or crackers if I feel hungry. I have to start eating the raisin and dates too as these are also good food.

What a long entry I had? I better stop now as I still have to pack for my vacation which is tomorrow!! (Baby, please don’t pop out yet.. mommy need some breaks!!) Enjoy your weekend people!!

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