Thursday, September 27, 2012

my 2nd degree!!

Gud morning people!!

Yeah you read the title correctly. I’m currently continuing my study and are now pursuing my 2nd degree in “being a mother”. It is a long distance mode of education. And I choose to do the self learning method. Besides that, I am also doing my own research with few text books. As for the assessment, I still can’t figure out how I would be assessed. There will be no test for sure but marks will be given during the practical training. (owh its not a training.. it’s the actual thing) Marks will be given in the actual situation I guess.  

This 1st semester consist of 9 months. And the subjects that I will be taking for this semester include doing research on eating healthy food, exercise during pregnancy, weekly progress during pregnancy, reading to your baby, childbirth, water retention management, confinement period and menu during confinement, . Besides than doing research, there are a lot of curriculum subjects that I have to take too. Which mean, I have to get up and do it myself. I have to exercise, read to the baby, Quran reading, buying the baby’s stuff (I love this one!!!) and also monthly medical checkup. 

Currently, bookstore, library and laptop had been my best friend. There are so many researches had to be done and the semester is coming to the end without me realizing it.  

9 months for a semester seems to be quit a long period of time. I just can’t wait for this semester to be finished!! I wonder what subject I will take in my 2nd semester. Or will it be the curriculum subject only?! Breastfeeding, baby bathing, baby feeding, read to the baby and what else?

My only wish is that I will graduate with good grades!!! Go go chaiyok!!

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