Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Attention to all Malaysian in UAE!!

DUBAI: Malaysian nationals residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and have yet to register either with the Malaysian Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the consulate-general in Dubai, have been urged to do so, as soon as possible.

In an email to Malaysians living in this Gulf nation, the mission said this was in view of security concerns amid current protests taking place in several parts of the Gulf region.

"The embassy of Malaysia would like to undertake precautionary measures for the safety of Malaysians residing in the UAE by collecting their latest information," it said.

It pointed out that the Malaysians must register either with embassy or with the consulate only, to avoid any duplication of registration.
The registration form can be downloaded at http://www.kln.gov.my/web/are_abu-dhabi/forms Those who have registered previously are requested to re-confirm their registration with the embassy or consulate.

They can provide any new information by sending an email to mwabudhabi@emirates.net.ae / admin@malaysianembassy.ae (for Abu Dhabi), or consulate@malaysianembassy.ae / maldubai@kln.gov.my (for Dubai and northern emirates).

"For those who have registered and have left the UAE for good, we'd appreciate if you could inform us, as well, at the email addresses given to enable us to ascertain the true number of Malaysians in the UAE and remove you from our database," said the embassy email.

Protesters demanding social and political reforms have taken to the streets in countries like Bahrain, Yemen and Libya, on the heels of similar uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt that toppled their leaders. -- Bernama

This article was from: NST.. (27/02/2011)

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